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                  How to distinguish the quality of the lead board


                  How to distinguish the quality of the lead board

                  At present, there are many types of lead boards on the market, and many are recycled lead, No. 2 lead, and waste lead smelting.

                  Method of identification
                  1. Visual inspection, see the phenomenon of airless bubbles, scratches, cracks, etc.
                  2. Look at the colors of the lead board, no black impurities, uniform color;
                  3. The surface of the lead plate after cutting is smooth and flat, without edges and virtual;
                  4. Measure the thickness and hardness with a thousand feet.
                  Leading board is a material for radiation protection, which is widely used in the medical industry and biological research industry. The above method of identifying lead boards can help you better identify high -quality lead boards.
                  The lead plate refers to the plate rolled with metal lead, with a proportion of 11.3g/cm3, which is mainly made of 1#electrolytic lead. It is also made of lead in the market. Its quality is poor and the price is very different, so you must choose regular manufacturers carefully.