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                          Lead sheet is a kind of protective products, which can be used to make all kinds of X-ray products such as lead coats, lead cap and protective screen, etc. The lead rubbers manufactured by our company have many kinds of specifications and sizes.or customized.Adopting the newest compounding and design, it has reached the leading level of being the most light, thin and soft materials of the world. Having even distribution of the lead, the performance of the protection is perfect. Under the normal use, the lead equivalent will not attenuate. It is wearable.

                  Chemical Composition:

                  PB: 99.994%

                  Sn         Max:0.001%

                   Pb                    Balance

                  Sb         Max:0.001%

                         Cu                   Max:0.001%

                  Ag         Max:0.001%

                                      Bi                     Max:0.003%

                  Fe          Max:0.001%

                           As                    Max:0.0005%

                  Zn         Max:0.001%

                  Al                            No

                  S                                                                              No